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Welcome to the official

Tanukicraft Store


Make your mark and stand out from the crowd with our diverse selection of Name Tags.

Express your individuality and personal style by displaying unique and creative names in the in-game chat. 

Whether you're looking for something common, uncommon, or rare, we have the perfect Name Tag to suit your taste.


Unlock a world of exclusive perks and privileges with our premium Ranks.

Gain access to special abilities, commands, and in-game advantages that will set you apart from other players. 

From beginner ranks to prestigious VIP tiers, our Ranks offer a progression path tailored to enhance your gameplay and provide a sense of achievement.


Delve into the excitement of mystery with our Crate Keys.

Unlock the potential of mystery crates that await you in Tanukicraft.

 With each key, you'll have the chance to discover rare items, valuable resources, and exclusive collectibles that can enhance your gaming experience.

Unleash the thrill of surprise and reward with our Crate Keys.


Stand out in style with our exclusive Suffixes.

These cosmetic additions allow you to add a unique emoji after your name, adding a touch of flair and personality to your in-game presence.

 Express yourself, showcase your funny side, or simply have fun with a wide variety of Suffix options available.

 Let your name shine with a playful or eye-catching emoji to truly make it your own.

Whether you're looking to express your uniqueness with Name Tags, unlock powerful abilities with Ranks, indulge in the thrill of mystery with Crate Keys, or add a touch of personality with Suffixes, Tanukicraft Store has something for every player. Join us today and take your TanukiCraft adventure to the next level!